NC Kidz Sunday


What is NC Kidz Sunday?

NC Kidz Sunday is a sub ministry of NC Kidz, which is aimed at children aged 6-13 years. NC Kidz Sunday is a weekly program driven meeting hosted at the New Creation Family Church on a Sunday morning, 9:00-10:30.

NC Kidz Sunday achieves this through a 1½ hour children’s church service. The program consists of; praise and worship, prayer, Bible based teachings, activities, and games! The aim and purpose of NC Kidz Sunday is to fulfill the mission and vision of NC Kidz in a manner that is relevant and age appropriate.


NC Kidz Sunday Model

Registration – NC Kidz begins with the registration process (around 08h45). Parents, upon entering the church, register their children and babies, for any of the NC Kidz ministries. Proof of a membership card is shown or a membership card is issued for new members. This is for security, administration, and control purposes. Each child or babies then goes and receives a name tag and/or NC Kidz Passport, depending on the ministry they are attending. Parents and children then go into the auditorium. We feel that it is important to worship the Lord as a family and for the babies and children to watch and learn from their parents to see how to praise the Lord. At various stages babies and children are released according to their various ages and ministries. Before entering their respective venues Children or Parents provide a membership card and the card is scanned. This books them into the system which provides us with all their details. NC Kidz children attended in the venue U2, where they are dropped of by there parents who return to the service! At the end of the 1½ hour service children are fetched by parents from U2 and the member cards are rescanned. This books them out of the system and they are able to leave.

 Large Group Time – Once the kids are released from church (during the welcome) children leave the church and enter U2. Large Group Time (LGT) begins once all the kids have arrived. The function of LGT is to get the kids settled and to introduce the theme of the day! LGT consists of welcoming the kids, giving announcements, having praise and worship, and occasionally a large group game is played depending on time.

  • Welcome – This kicks off the program, getting the kids attention and settling them down.
  • Announcements – We welcome new kids, Congratulate Kids who have had a birthday and who have achieved in some way, discuss upcoming events, and chat about matters that need attention
  • Praise and Worship – Praise and Worship gets the kids singing and worshipping in order to honour God and ushering in His presence!
  • Tithes and Offering – The kids give their offerings, which are then added into the main service’s offering!
  • Prayer – We give prayer unto the Father to welcome, honour, and spend time with Him.
  • Game Time – We play a game that is lesson based and aims to bring unity between the leaders and the children.
  • Theme Intro – The theme for the day is introduced and the term/year theme is recapped.
  • Teaching – A teaching is given based on the theme to get the kids thinking and equipping them with knowledge. Teachings consist of illustrations and discussion.

 Zone Time – Zone time (ZT) follows LGT (around 09h40)! The function of ZT is for all the kids to; receive and practice a memory verse, participate in an activity, and play a game. Everything done in ZT must follow the pre-planned theme. ZT consists of a Memory Verse Zone, a Game Zone, and an Activity Zone. All three Zones run at the same time. The kids then choose to which Zone they wish to go to. All the Zones run for 10-12min, then a whistle blows, and the Zone repeats itself by starting over. This occurs three times adding to a total time of 35min. When the whistle is blown the kids may move to another Zone as not to repeat what occurred in that Zone.

  • Memory Verse Zone – The Memory Verse of the day is give and practiced and previous verses are tested.
  • Game Zone – A fun game is played that emphasizes the theme for the day.
  • Activity Zone – Each kid receives an activity, that emphases the message of the day, and helps to memorize it! The activities vary for different kids as to be age appropriate!
  • KidZone Passports – The kids receive a Passport during registration which they keep until the end of the 3rd Zone interval. At each interval a stamp is placed on the passport representing their participation in that Zone. If they receive 3 stamps a bonus stamp is received. Bonus Stamps can be exchanged for Bible Bucks, which is used to buy prizes.

 Large Group Time – We meet again for LGT after ZT (around 10h30) to recap the day and to go through any announcements again. Then the kids leave after collecting flyers, covering all announcements, and receiving juice and biscuits.

  • Wrap-up – a recap of the day is done and kids are tested on the memory verse for the day.
  • Announcements – A recap of all announcements is given.
  • Prayer – We end off giving prayer unto the Father to protect us and aid us in implanting what was learnt into our lives.