What is New Creation's Theological Background?

New Creation was born out of the Restoration/house church movement of the United Kingdom in the late 70's/early 80's (not the same as the North American Restoration movement). This movement emphasised the following as core values:

  • The priesthood of all believers - no difference between "professional" clergy and lay members; everyone in ministry;
  • The church functioning as a body with everyone connected in meaningful relationships and contributing to the growth of the whole according to their gifts, talents and abilities;
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in distributing His gifts for the good of the whole body;
  • The role of Ephesians 4 ministry gifts in the building of local churches (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers);
  • Plural leadership;
  • Spiritual fatherhood , motherhood and discipleship as a basis for leadership and growth;
  • Character before gifting; serving as a basis for ministry;
  • The value and role of natural family life, marriage and parenting;
  • The restoration of Biblical truth in all areas of church life.

Are you a charismatic church?

Yes - we believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit as normative for all believers today. We are, however, not "hyper-charismatic," and believe that the Spirit's gifts are primarily for everyday life, and not just a special time during a celebration service. Our main concern is that we are all growing in our love for God and one another, our commitment to Christ, and our concern for a lost world. We acknowledge that these things require the activity of the Spirit in our midst.

Am I free to attend Celebrations without becoming a member?

Absolutely! Anyone who is a spiritual seeker, or already a follower of Jesus, is free to worship with us in our public events. If you feel you would like to pursue membership with a view to involvement, then we can help you with the process that we have in place.