Getting Connected

Membership is about involvement, not about having one's details recorded in a database somewhere.

Our ethos is one of "every member involvement" - there are no professionals and no super-stars in New Creation! We believe this to be in keeping with the Biblical picture of the local church as a body made up of different but valuable parts (1 Cor 12 & 14), each of which contributes to the well-being of the whole as the Lord gives grace. So, if God has brought you here and planted you for this season in this house, throw yourself in with all you have and get involved! Be a channel of the Spirit's life!

  • Link up with a small group, even if you can't always participate in its activities;
  • Find an area in which to serve; this is very important. It helps to connect you to the inner workings of the church;
  • Because we believe strongly in serving, we do not release anyone into ministry or leadership who has not been willing to serve faithfully over a period of time;
  • Make use of the training opportunities as they arise;
  • Take the initiative in connecting with others - introduce yourself, welcome visitors, practice hospitality.

Opportunities for Service:

There are many opportunities for serving in New Creation. They include:

  • Helps Teams (Ushers/Greeting/Setup/Café, etc);
  • Multimedia;
  • Sound;
  • Visitation;
  • Volunteer administrative work;
  • Small group leadership
  • Teaching and training;
  • Missions and ministry teams;
  • Oasis Haven (Adoptions and Babies' homes)

We encourage you to find a place to serve and allow God to develop and release your gifts, talents and abilities in this part of His vineyard. If you need other suggestions of potential service areas, please speak to one of the elders or leaders, and we will help you find a place!