Governmental Leadership

The governmental leadership team consists of elders and spouses as follows (currently only the men function as elders):

  • Grant and Elizabeth Walton (Lead Elder)
  • Paul and Milaine Dennison (Pastoral Care/Administration)
  • Ian and Marie-Claire Fitzpatrick (Oasis/Pastoral Care)
  • Charles and Vanessa Martin (The King's School/Pastoral Care)
  • John and Pat Fanner (The King's School/Pastoral Care)
  • Karl and Jenny Teichert (Missions/Training/Community ministry)

Although every local church in Church of the Nations is autonomous, we believe in mutual submission and proper apostolic alignment. As a result, New Creation is submitted to the Apostolic Council of COTN, and in particular, to Tony and Marilyn Fitzgerald who spiritually parent us as leaders and as a church.




 Grant & Elizabeth Walton

 Paul & Milaine Dennison



Jenni Joubert

 Charles & Vanessa Martin

 Ian & Marie-Claire Fitzpatrick

 John & Pat Fanner

 Karl and Jenny Teichert