The heart of New Creation Family Church is reflected in the following values. They are the foundation for what we do and how we do it. While our methods and ways of doing things change from time to time, these values are non-negotiable.



We believe that the church is first about Jesus, who is her head. The church is both world-wide and local. As individuals and as a corporate whole, we are called to total commitment to the Lordship of Christ, to live sacrificial lives enabled by the Holy Spirit, dedicating time, energy, material resources, gifts and talents for our Master's use. Our worship is a lifestyle of obedience to GOd ratehr than only a special activity at corporate celebrations.



Church is built around the concept of 'family' rather than 'institution'. Fatherhood, motherhood, and familial relationships are, therefore, at the core of who we are becoming as a local expression of God's extended family. This family welcomes and embraces Christ-followers, and any who are interested in him, from all economic backgrounds, etc. In fact, in doing so, we seek to understand and represent the multi-faceted nature of God's rich grace and love. we are learning to be reconciled to God through Christ also means reconcilation at its deepest level with one another, and that celebrating and transcending our differences as well as our similarities helps us to more accurately experience as well as demonstrate who God is. Since all family begins with nuclear family in all of its many incarnations, we place a high value on strengthening parents and children, and minstering to brokenness and hurt in fmaily life. Since we are only a small part of God's vast family, we seek to relate and to learn from a variety of church expressions and flows. 



We would like to be a "what you see is what you get" community, in which authenticity in life and relationships is the hallmark factor. We consider honesty, transparency, and integrity to be vital characteristics of shared life in Christ, while trying to avoid pretense and insincerity. We are on a journey together, increasingly discovering what it means to live as God's people in the midst of the joys and sorrows of life. As such, we do not have all the answers, or even understand all of the questions, but we are genuinely seeking how to more faithfully embody God's purposes. Mutual and genuine love, encouragement, and accountability are important to us along the path. 



We believe that God's mission is to extend His kingdom rule into every area of human experience. Our relationships, jobs, and mudane lives, therefore, are arenas in which God calls and empowers us to represent and extend his kingdom. "Secular" and "sacred" categories are false dichotomies which in Christ, are subordinate into his purposes. we are individually and corporately to live and work in ways which influence society around us with God's grace, life, and love. Our desire as a church family is to strenghten and equip each person to live in this way, rather than to place church over and against daily life.



One of the most powerful metaphors for church life in scripture is that of the body. Church is an organic, rather than an organizational, entity. Every person who is in Christ has been gifted and empowered to serve as a part of this body in relationship with others . When each part does its work, the whole body grows and becomes healthy. Because Christ is the head of the body, other roles and functions are just that - we do not emphasise position and title, but function and gifting. Team is an important concept for us, and we resist attempts within and outside of oursleves to elevate and one gifting or role unduly above others. Scripture and authority support the body with the ability to move and accomplish God-given tasks, but should not overwhlem it or be starlkly visible. Leadership is expressed more through fatherhood and motherhood than through corporate structuring. Becuase the church is a body, God places each person where he wants them to be and each becomes an integral part of the health and life of that body.