Wider Family (COTN)

Church of the Nations International (COTN) began as a seed that was planted in the hearts of Tony and Marilyn Fitzgerald, originally from Tasmania, during a prayer time in Argentina in 1978. That seed housed the God-given passion to win, train and send people to places where the hurting would be healed, the captives freed and lives restored to live in the destiny God had purposed for them. Through the planting and establishing of local churches, life-giving ministry hubs, or Resource Hubs, would serve this need around the world and facilitate multiplication within God's kingdom.

Today that dream is very much alive. There are nearly 2,000 churches in some 52 nations around the world, each one carrying the spirit of our heart's cry, "Building a Family of Churches-Reaching the Nations."

There are COTN churches in many countries of the world, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, DRC, Madagascar, USA, UK, South America, Caribbean, Europe, Australasia, India, Cambodia, New Zealand etc

How we live out the dream:

We build a family of churches and reach nations through:

  • Bringing people into wholeness, equipped and released to fulfill their destiny;
  • Raising up leaders;
  • Training;
  • Trans-local ministry;
  • Church-planting teams;
  • Conference and leadership gatherings;
  • Missions and evangelistic outreach;
  • Mercy ministries;
  • Establishment of Apostolic Clusters - churches relating to one another for a common purpose of church planting and extending the Kingdom of God in an area.

COTN is not a denomination, but a family of churches built on spiritual parenting and relationship. Churches relate to the wider whole through forming apostolic clusters, which are served by an Apostolic Council.

New Creation is a part of Tony and Marilyn's cluster, and forms a sub-cluster along with other Gauteng churches.

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